Whether you’re starting straight out of school or have been in the game for 10-20 years, you need to look into a virtual office. Most accountants go for the home office route or they lease an office space under a long-term contract, both of these options carry heavy cons with them. There is a balance between saving money and being professional, it’s called a virtual office. A virtual office boasts professionalism with a reputable address and a personalized receptionist answering all calls to your business and directing clients to meeting rooms. A virtual office offers a long list of support services at a fraction of the cost of a normal full-time office.

Benefits of a virtual office


There is a long list of reasons to adopt a virtual office for your business, but the one that sticks out to me is having like minded individuals around. Here at Weston Town Centers we strive to have professional entrepreneurs in our midst, what that can mean for a bookkeeper or accountant is

warm clientele. The flexibility that comes with a virtual office is like no other, no long term lease agreements, the ability to travel without serious overhead, and being able to use a clean professional office when needed for appointments and meetings. Take some time and look into the new reality of renting a virtual office.

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