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Cathy Elmquist

A Vital Decision: Choosing the perfect location for you and your business…Your choice could affect the success of your business.

Imagine you’re meeting a client in your home office and about to close on a business deal when your sixteen-year-old daughter knocks on your office door asking to borrow your car.  You’ve told her a hundred times not to interrupt you when you’re in a meeting, but again, she “forgot”.  Then the home phone rings, and the dog is barking at the pizza delivery boy.  Now your distracted and you’ve lost focus on the task at hand.  These everyday occurrences can hinder your business and create an uncomfortable, awkward environment for your client.

Having worked in the business center industry for over 15 years, I believe you must consider location, amenities, convenience, affordability, and most importantly customer service.  However, it is also my experience that choosing the best location to conduct business is often the most stressful aspect of establishing your business.  A few options to consider are working out of your home, a local Starbucks, or an office.  While a home office may seem convenient for the working Mom or Dad, is it really the best place for you to meet a client? Everyday interruptions at home can cause unnecessary stress and affect the outcome of meetings and influence your client’s belief in your ability to focus and follow through with the job at hand.  Another option you have is meeting your client at a local Starbucks.  While meeting for coffee may seem inviting, this may not be the best choice, even if there is free WiFi.  A business center can provide businesses with a professional ambiance, secure WiFi, friendly customer support and even free coffee without the typical public disturbances of a busy coffee shop, where your business becomes everyone’s business!

As the manager of Weston Town Center Executive Suites, I truly believe there is a time and a place for everything.  While some lifestyles are flexible enough for a home office or meeting at Starbucks, there are work situations which require an office environment or business center to achieve trust and confidence in customer relationships that ultimately allow you to function at your optimum level.  While today’s advances allow us to work from almost anywhere, a professional office environment shows stability so your clients can easily place their confidence in you.  A business center allows you adapt to the trends of the future while focusing on your business, by giving you access to centers and offices all over the world.  Our industry offers numerous options for every type of business including much needed balance between personal and professional life.

Choose the Best:  Weston Town Center Executive Suites

Established in 2001, we are a leading provider in the business center industry, located in the heart of Weston Town Center, blending hometown charm with sophistication and a luxurious environment, unmatched for its convenience, customer service, and affordability.  We provide executive offices, conference rooms and virtual offices located at a prestigious address, with technology savvy and exceptional business amenities.  Our professional team is committed to connecting people, clients, and businesses with one another to promote success and growth through every interaction.  At Weston Town Center Executive Suites we provide outstanding customer service and all the advantages of a successful business environment.  We are committed to the success of your business and enthusiastic about helping our clients reach their greatest potential.

Cathy Elmquist
Weston Town Center Executive Suites

Weston Town Center Executive Suites

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