On average, there is a lot of waste that is created in an office space. Paper and other resources are wasted on a regular basis, which means that more resources have to be used to produce more. Instead of wasting energy and resources, you and your employees can make a conscious effort to become more environmentally conscious. The following are a few ways you can become greener at your office space rental.

Pay Attention to Your Lights

One of the biggest causes of energy wasting is the lighting in your office, which when left on without being needed can create a large amount of waste. Making sure that you and your employees turn off lights when they leave rooms is very important when you are trying to be more environmentally conscious. You should also check the type of bulbs that you have in your lights and see if there are more energy efficient ones on the market for you to use. In some cases, LED or other types of energy efficient lights can help you to save money on your energy bills and allow you to be greener at your office space rental.


Another great and obvious way that you can get more environmentally friendly at your office is by implementing a recycling program to adhere by. You can arrange recycling bins around your office so it is easy to do and accessible to all of your employees. You should also talk with your employees and let them know how important it is that they follow your rules regarding recycling. You will be amazed at how much you can recycle in your own office, so be sure to stick to the process and give back to the planet.

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January 27th, 2014

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