While the entire concept behind “going green” may be a bit overwhelming, since it can be a bit challenging to figure out where you should start, you may have avoided this growing trend in your office rental. However, with a few simple, easy-to-do steps, you can create a greener office rental that is environmentally friendly and still completely functional.office rental

Change Your Light Bulbs to LEDs

When you begin to use LED light bulbs, the initial investment may be a bit more than traditional bulbs, but the benefits make up for this brief financial cost. Not only will you be using an environmentally option for lighting, you will also likely see significant reductions in your light bill at your office rental.

Make Sure You Recycle – EVERYTHING!

Create a recycling drop-off location somewhere in your office rental building and begin to collect paper, cans and plastic. You will likely be surprised of how quickly these items will add up. If you do not have the ability or the space to set up your own mini-recycling center, then you should consider donating your paper to schools or churches, or even office Paper Gator.

Eliminate Paper

Instead of endless paper documents, consider using electronic calendars and email for corresponding with others. You can also opt to have all of your bills sent electronically, eliminating the need for paper statements.

Keep Tabs on the Temperature in Your Office

You should try to turn your heater down by a few degrees each winter and then leave some windows open in the hotter months, if possible. Consider wearing an extra layer of clothing or using a fan – the savings can be significant and it is an environmentally friendly option.

Reduce Gas Usage

Consider asking other people that work in the same building if they live nearby to you. If so, consider setting up a car-pool. This will reduce the dangerous gases emitted into the air, while saving you money.

March 12th, 2014

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