Lease is up, don’t worry, there are plenty of options!

Just like when moving out of an apartment, moving out of an office can cause problems, especially when moving into a new one.banner_new2

One of those problems may be a month, two, three, maybe even be a year without having a home for your office. Sadly, business does not wait even when you are in a transition period. Customers still want their products or services and to ask them to wait is a good way to lose their loyalty. Luckily there is such a thing as temporary office space.

We will discuss the various options for those that are in a moving transition and need a quick  fix for their office.

A virtual office is the easier temporary office space. It is just an address, wherever you want it to be, with a phone number and other services. It can be operated out of your house that makes it extremely convenient.

An executive suite also is great option for temporary office space. This is a fully furnished office, often with computers, Internet, desks, and a place for your clients to sit. It is hotel living for business space and creates a very professional environment for everyone.

Lastly there is shared office space. There are different “flavors” but generally this is where you find a business that is willing to rent out an area with you or other like minded businesses. These contracts are often slightly longer then those of a virtual office or executive suite. Yet they can be just as useful. A shared space if found with the right people can be a fantastic place for your business to thrive and shine. Whatever your choice for a temporary office space, know you are not without options. Don’t over stay your welcome in your old office when there are so many great office options around.

In Weston your choice is simple. Weston Town Center is the Leader in providing Temporary Office Space , Virtual Offices, Meeting rooms and Offices for rent in Weston Florida. The largest selection with the best options on price. Contact our friendly staff today for assistance.


June 12th, 2013

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