The concept of using virtual offices was a result of technological advances such as:Virtual Office Address

  • Affordable and mass produced fax machines – Fax machines were no longer only owned by large businesses but every man on the street and documents could be sent cheaply to any location.
  • Affordable and mass produced personal computers – Computers were no longer a device purely owned by very large companies but every individual could own one.
  • Email – Sending messages to people from any location became much easier and cheaper.
  • Scanning – At first scanners were awkward and timely and converting documents into sizes that would not be too big to send via email was difficult.  Scanners now scan multiple documents from feeders and they have software allowing the using to choose the resolution when scanning.  Faxes are gradually being phased out as the quality of scanning is much better.
  • Internet – Information could be accessed and shared with ease.
  • Mobile phones – calls could be taken from any location.

The first virtual office would most probably be accurately accredited to 1989 by Ralph Gregory in Boulder, Colorado, when he founded “The Virtual Office Inc”.  His first child was born and he wanted to be able to work from home and spend time with her.

However James Blain in 1983 in Troy, Michigan,  started the concept of renting out fully suited out offices for start-up businesses with flexible leases.

Mark Dixon after taking  a business trip to Belgium in 1989, founded his company Regus the concept being providing clients with executive suites at affordable prices.  The company went bankrupt in 2003 but was able to turn things around in less than a year after receiving financing from a business partner and being restructured.  It is now a very profitable company.

Changes in technology has definitely made work from home much easier but as businesses grow they start needing back up services such as call answering.

Using the services of a virtual office can help the growing business to be able to afford the services and not to hamper their business ‘growth.

Weston Town Centre Executive Suites has professionally trained staff that can assist you with running your virtual office in a manner that is not only professional but also relieves stress for the business owner.  

November 7th, 2013

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