If you work in an office space with a lot of different types of people, then you know that it can sometimes be a chore to keep everyone happy and productive. Different personalities require different motivation to get them to respect their fellow coworkers and their space. Setting forth a list of proper etiquette for your employees to follow can help you to avoid feeling like a referee when they begin to fight over noise levels and other issues that may irritate them. Here are a few tips on the proper etiquette to use in your office space.

Borrowing not Possessing

One of the most common causes of workplace fights is when one employee borrows a tool from another and fails to return it in a timely manner. If you go to borrow something from an office mate, make sure you let them know when you will be returning so there are no issues. You should be sure to label all of your office equipment with your name, just in case someone tries to steal it in the office. By taking a few precautions you can avoid fighting with coworkers over staplers and other valuable office supplies.

Clean Desk

Another step you can take in trying to keep the peace around your office is making sure that your desk area is clean and organized. Often times, people who work in close quarters have to share common areas and workspace. If you have a dirty desk that starts to spill over onto a neighbors work area, then you will be facing a problem with your fellow employee. By keeping everything nice and neat, you can set an example and hopefully you fellow workers will pay you the same respect that you pay them regarding the cleanliness of their workspace.

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January 20th, 2014

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